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camels of footprints in dubai
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Liliane van der Hoeven author of Footprints in Dubai

Footprints Connect is the name under which Liliane van der Hoeven and Nienke Salomons work together to create tools for children living an international life to help them both settle in new countries and say farewell once it is time to move to another country. Footprints in Dubai, published in October 2012, is the first in the series arising from this inspiring journey of shared ideas.

Liliane's first encounter with expatriate life was when she left The Netherlands in 2000 with her husband and went to live in Taiwan. Besides her Masters in Educational Science and a career in PR and communication consulting, she further developed her creative skills in graphic design. Over a period of 12 years Liliane and her three children lived in Hungary and the UAE. During this time she experienced the importance, especially for expatriate children, to keep memories of their childhood, spent in different countries. When she met co-writer Nienke Salomons an inspiring journey began from shared ideas to the creation of Footprints in Dubai, providing a valuable tool for children.

Nienke Salomons author of Footprints in Dubai

Nienke is born and raised in the Netherlands. She completed a masters of Arts in Educational Science. Following her studies, she developed a career spanning over 15 years in cultural heritage education. After moving to Dubai in 2007, Nienke has now evolved into the development of ready-use heritage educational material for schools in Dubai. Along with interest in helping children to root into their new surroundings, she is also interested in supporting children through the emotional phase of saying good-bye when relocating to new places in the world. With this specific interest, Nienke found a writing partner in Liliane van der Hoeven who with her creative designs completed these ideas. Nienke is a mother of two children.

the camels of footprints in Dubai
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the camels of footprints in dubai