Footprints in Dubai

Footprints in Dubai the friendship book for expat kids

…will be filled with pictures, wishes, scribbles and
thoughts of life and friends in Dubai.

About the book

Footprints in Dubai is a colourful activity book with funny camel illustrations for children aged 6-14, living in Dubai and attending international schools. It allows children in this unique and ever changing place to collect memories about their life, favourite places and international friends in a creative and interactive way. When friends leave or if children relocate themselves, memories kept in the book will stay forever, wherever.

How it works

The first eight pages of the book are for the book's owner to complete. Children add pictures and answer fun prepared questions about themselves and favourite places in Dubai. Afterwards they pass the book on to friends, teachers and teammates to add their special memories. There are 20 double entry pages for friends with different designs to choose from. The book comes with a hardcover and elastic band to make childhood memories last forever.

"Enabling international children to connect with their friends and life experiences here is a true and special gift that they will have forever. Every expat child should own one!" (Sabina Christensen, Clinical Psychologist in Dubai)

"I wish I had a book like this when I was young!" (A grown up 'expat child', living in Dubai)

"Footprints in Dubai is the perfect way for children to keep in touch with their friends in this ever changing world. They will love creating each page with their friends and many years from now they will look back on their completed book and smile." (Scott Lassey, Elementary school Counsellor in Dubai)

"… It also gives children an opportunity to share what their lives were like in Dubai when they move to a new place. It helps them to settle in."(Julia Watt, Dean of Elementary school in Dubai)

Sneak Peek (click on a picture to enlarge)

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